InterAxon was founded at UCLA in 2008 in affliation with the Brain Research Institute (BRI). Our club specifically targets Title I schools, which describe K-12 schools that are underfunded in the sciences. We aim to build the confidence of these students so that they are less intimidated by STEM fields in the future! 

InterAxon is able to organize events with K-12 schools. Our trained members present a multitude of poster boards covering various topics in Neuroscience, such as: Senses, Language Development, Neuromarketing, and so much more! Our members work hard to keep our posters up to date and full of engaging and educational activities. 

InterAxon offers different committees for members to participate in. Project Glia creates and refurbishes posters. Our Brochure committee designs fun and educational brochures that correspond to posters so that our students have something to bring home. This year, we are proud to announce the start of the Newsletter Committee: a way to keep in contact with schools we teach at. 

Interested in joining the InterAxon family? We accept members throughout the academic year, only a membership form and one-time fee required!