Meet The Board
Dominic Tran
Dominic is a fourth year Psychobiology major at UCLA. The brain has always been a great interest to him and has led him to conduct research on cognition in adolescents and teaching at InterAxon. In his spare time, he likes to practice his Spanish, try new food, and swim.

Tapasya is a fourth year pre-med student majoring in Biology at UCLA. Interaxon was one of the first clubs she joined as a freshman, because of its friendly and positive atmosphere. A fun fact about Tapasya is that she loves to dance and is classically trained in an Indian Classical dance form called Bharatanatyam.

Tapasya Surti
Lilly Lin
Lilly is a third year Cognitive Science major and Chinese minor at UCLA. She joined Interaxon as a first year because she loved its’ mission to serve communities in the LA area, and she’s also always wanted to gain experience with teaching. In her free time, Lilly is passionate about art and design.

Membership Advancement Director
Andre is a third year Neuroscience major and Spanish minor at UCLA. He hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists through his work with Interaxon and likes working with people who share the same passion. Andre spends his free time at the beach playing volleyball.  

Andre Sanavi
Finance Director
Farris Haidary
Farris is a fourth year Neuroscience major and Arabic and Islamic Studies. He joined Interaxon his sophomore year after being impressed by the club’s presentations and goal of inspiring scientific curiosity. In his free time, he likes to read, swim, and play competitive video games.

Campus Event Coordinator
Sai Alam
Sai is a 4th year Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Major. He has always loved teaching others about various topics whether it be science related or not, and that led to him joining InterAxon, and he has loved it ever since. He is involved in various other clubs such as Club Tennis, Quidditch, Muay Thai, and loves to go to the gym.

Sacci Mohan
Sacci is a third year Neuroscience major at UCLA. She was drawn to InterAxon because of the club’s priority to help the underserved and its friendly members. Sacci’s favorite place to be is in the ocean, and she recently has become a certified scuba diver.
Publicity and Outreach Director

Hesper is a third year Bioengineering major minoring in Neuroscience. She joined Interaxon during her first year and found it a welcoming place where everyone is excited about sharing their passion for Neuroscience. She likes to read fantasy novels and watch anime in her free time.

Hesper Chen
Project Director
Claire Polizu
Claire is a third year Computational & Systems Biology major also minoring in Math. She became a part of InterAxon because she wants to help narrow disparities in science education between underfunded and wealthier schools by spreading her own passion for the brain. In her free time she likes to bake, design desserts, and play music.
Project Director
Jasmine is a third year Human Biology and Society major. She joined Interaxon her freshman year, because she was interested in learning more about the brain and the incredible number of tasks it performs. She also loves working with children and the disadvantaged population. During her free time she enjoys exploring new places to hike and new places to eat afterwards.
Jasmine Jacobo
Project  Director
Marla Dimetrios

Project Director